Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth day Gyaan

Some Ten Points for Better Life:
1. where ever required try to keep the AC temperature at comfort levels ie @23 C.the decrease in the temp will increase the power consumption and CO2 levels too.
2. Switch to a laptop instead of using a desktop computer and cut three-quarters off your electrical use. Turn off the laptop at the end of the day.
3. Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them and try to utilise the natural light whenever where ever. Stop using heat-producing halogen lamps they are in high power consumption as well heat generating.
4. Switch to cold water washing and save 80 percent on energy used for laundry and save an estimated $60 a year. Hang dry your clothes instead of using the dryer and save 700 pounds of C02 a year.
5. plug out or switch off the accessories or any thing works on electricity when not required,it saves energy as well lives. 
6. Switch to compact fluorescent from regular incandescent bulbs and use 60 percent less energy per bulb and save 300 pounds of C02 a year.
7. Keep a hand towel or a kerchief  to reduce the paper napkin usage
8.keep the hot water pipes through insulated media and get a water heater with good insulation
9. Use public transportation whenever possible, carpool, shop locally, and ideally switch to a hybrid or energy-efficient car 
10. Keep your tires inflated to improve  mileage by 3 percent. Every fuel you save also saves C02 emissions.

Courtesy: green websites / inspiring gurus :) 

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