Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wall hangings...

This wall hanging is made of water bottle.

Material/accessories required:
  • an empty bottle
  • marker 
  • Scissors
  • glass colours of your choice 

PET bottles Usage

Shatabdi express - which covers Mumbai to Ahmadabad in 7 I am not talking about the speed of the train.... 
the train caters nearly 2000 water bottles a day (to and fro) means nearly 60,000 plastic bottles in a month...
If we think about the other trains and stations consumption ....then in a day it self we are consuming a big mountain of plastic...

the fact is empty plastic bottles life span is more than 500 years....
keep it this in mind ...avoid plastic in your daily use...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Racing Car

Racing Car
Racing car 1

Material Required:
5 pet bottles - 1 for Body;4 for wheels
2 Used pen cell batteries - for wheel axial

Take the bottle which was meant for BODY of Car. Make the holes and other arrangements  as shown in images.