Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eco friendly Ganapathy

Why we need Eco friendly Ganapathy

Ganesh...he is the one who clear the hassles in our lives...
but we are making the things critical and creating environment hassles  by making Vighnaraj  in  unhealthy ways...

As per the Shashtras the puja should offer to either gold,silver or Clay idols.
But as the technology intervenes in between , POP and other elements taken place instead of Clay and other natural ingredients.

The main culprits: 

POP:Is a Gypsum  product contains sulfur, phosphorous and magnesium and when dissolves water causes threat to aquatic life.

Thermacol :this element also just like plastic;it does not decompose.

Paints:the paints using to glow the idols mostly contains Lead and other toxics which will pollute water streams. 

Plastic ornaments/others: Plastic is a material which can not get destroy easily in days or months it takes hundreds of years to dis integrate.

What are the alternate..?

Clay Idols: the best option against POP idols..and easily dissolve in water in hours time.Or can avail eco friendly idols made of paper and clay.

paper or natural sources like fresh flowers,Mango leaves for decoration:Can easily replace thermo col and plastic ornaments.

paints : can use natural colours which are widely available in market.which contain no toxics

Be a that this year and all future years Ganesha can complete his visit in a healthy and green way....


  1. You are correct in pointing this out. Festivals in India are huge celebrations, and even a small step to make them Eco Friendly will do a world of good to our environment.

  2. I am purchasing clay idols for the past two decades now and also immersing in a bucket at home only.The dissolved mud is used in the garden.

  3. yes sir jee
    but here we will find hardly a garden nearby in do I am keeping my ganesha along with the society Ganesh Pandal....

    any ways...good custom all the way...